Saturday, November 13, 2004


I need to focus. It's 4:06 p.m. already and I haven't done a damn thing.

Things I have done today:
  1. Woken up.
  2. Walked to living room to grab laptop.
  3. Brought laptop to bed so I could check in on the state of the world while still under the covers.
  4. Fallen asleep.
  5. Woken up.
  6. Checked the news again.
  7. Showered, brushed teeth, ate apple.
  8. Canvas cafe for a latte and bowl of soup. (This cost me $8. What the fuck?)
  9. Wrote a few lines of my "Broader Impacts" NSF essay.
  10. Headed to Milberry Union for iced tea and an energy bar. Looked up an article I want to reference in the above-mentioned essay while eating said items.
  11. Headed to the library and grabbed a chair with a panoramic view of the ocean, the Golden Gate, and the Transamerica Pyramid.
This has to stop. I should be getting so much done. There's so much to do and most of it is actually quite worth doing. One might say that by working late I ought to be able to get just as much done as a normal person, but it usually doesn't work that way. Saturday night rolls along and the whole ambience makes it seem like work is not an option. It gets dark out and you feel like you should be at home. You start to think you can allow yourself just a little bit of relaxation when really you shouldn't stop working. I need to start working during the daylight and sleeping during the darkness.

So it's time to get going. Time to start thinking about just one thing at a time, and thinking about that thing for a long amount of time. I'll turn AirPort off so I can't check the web or look at my email. Find some peaceful music and be frenetic.


At 2:15 PM, Blogger metalife said...

Hell, that beats my Saturday. I mean, your Saturday afternoon alone could take out my entire Saturday and Sunday (still in progress) like an all out invasion Fallujah-style!

Woke up.
Intoxication continued.
Ate breakfast at a diner.
Intoxication continued.
Sleep resumed.
Went home.
Sleep resumed.
Ate sushi.
Saw girl.
"Watched" movie.
Sleep resumed.
Woke up.
Went home.
Went to canvas cafe.
Checked email and salon personals for 3 hours.
Posted to blogs.


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