Thursday, December 09, 2004


So the exam is over. And it was sort of a doozy. Way too long. The format was pretty accurately described here. I'm definitely not in the mood to design any more experiments to characterize unknown ligands from the Amazon rainforest anytime soon.

Now I'm chilling a bit at home before heading off to lab. I feel I've earned the right to not think or act for awhile. So I'm watching MSNBC, which I consider to be an utterly superfluous network. And they're talking about the Scott Peterson sentencing. And I ask, who the fuck wants to hear another thing about that trial? Where did the media get the idea that we want to hear so much about that case? Do people actually want to hear about it? I feel bad for the people involved, and what happened was certainly a tragedy, but that doesn't mean I need to be informed every time the judge goes to the bathroom. Am I the only one who has heard enough?

So now I've got to take care of all the things I've been putting off during the academic mayhem of recent days.


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