Monday, September 12, 2005

Hopefully, the social music revolution will be a relatively bloodless one

Via a plugin for your music player, keeps track of the songs you have been listening to on your computer and uses that information to update a "profile page" that contains a list of the songs you have listened to most recently and many "charts" such as "Weekly Top Artists" and "Top Tracks -- Overall." It uses this information to find "musical neighbours," or people whose listening data are similar to yours, and create a "neighbour radio" station with tracks you haven't been listening to that it thinks you might want to listen to. Presumably the playlist for the neighbour radio is generated from the set difference between your neighbors' tracks and your tracks, probably ranked by an average relative frequency somehow or something.

Anyway, a kind of neat addtion to the "social everything" bandwagon (yes, they have tags too), and what better way to find out what songs you actually like than to keep track of what you listen to most often?

My profile page.


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