Monday, December 20, 2004

Nothing deep, just an update

I am here. Today I skied here with my dad and sister. My mother, being one with the "screwy hobby" of genealogy, spent her day here instead. As may not be well known among this readership, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints considers the researching of one's dead relatives to be an important activity for religious reasons, and probably because of this eternal motivation its members have become world-renowned record-keepers and family history researchers, among both Mormon and non-Mormon genealogists. In fact, the center here in Salt Lake City is said to be the "world's largest family history library," and as such this town is a bit of a mecca for those who like to find out who their ancestors were. Yes, it's a bit of an odd vacation--as oddity and family certainly go together, as they should--but it seems to work, as my dad, my sister, and I get to take in some phenomenal skiing. Plus, this hotel now has free WiFi, and really, what more does one need?

For those who don't get the "screwy hobby" reference above, here is the quote in question, from a beautiful movie:
ED (V.O.)
I found myself more and more going over to the Abundas's. It was a routine we fell into, most every evening. I even went when Walter was away on his research trips. He was a genealogist, had traced back his side of the family seven generations, his late wife's, eight. It seemed like a screwy hobby. But then maybe all hobbies are. Maybe Walter found something there, in the old county courthouses, hospital file rooms, city archives, property rolls, registries, something maybe like what I found listening to Birdy play. Some kind of escape. Some kind of peace...


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I love BB Thorton in this movie.


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