Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Nerd Interlude: Mac OS X 10.4

3 notes:

1. Safari 2.0's RSS aggregator actually makes RSS seem kind of useful. (I had never really understood why everyone was so excited about that particular technology until now.) But can I really switch back after being so devoted to Firefox after so long?

2. Dashboard is also more useful than I had thought it would be. The weather widget has allowed me to drop the weather link from my bookmarks toolbar, I now have Wikipedia at my fingertips at all times, and finally, I can now get nextmuni.com arrival times for my N-Judah stop by just typing F12, thanks to this guy and his widget. In fact, while I have been typing this via DashBlog, the arrival time has ticked down to 0 minutes, and just now I hear the rumble of the N.

3. 10.4 breaks the UCSF VPN software. The company is aware of the issue.


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